About Us

Vellore District Recruitment Bureau is a statutory body constituted by  Rule 151(5) of Tamilnadu Cooperative Societies Rules 1988 and Go No. 3 (Ms) Cooperation, Food and Consumer Protection Dept dated 5.1.2016 to recruit staff for the cooperative institutions in Vellore Region. 

The  Vellore District Recruitment Bureau for  Vellore region constituted under Section 74 shall consist of 

(i)  the Joint Registrar of Co-operative Societies, Vellore Region concerned, who shall be its Chairman;      

(ii) the Managing Director or the Special Officer as the case may be, of the Vellore Central Co-operative Bank concerned  who shall be its Member-Secretary;                                           

(iii) the Deputy Registrar (Public Distribution System) of the Vellore District concerned Member   

(iv) the  Vellore circle Deputy Registrar  - Member and 

(v) an officer of the Co-operative Department not below the rank of Deputy Registrar who belongs to Scheduled Castes or 
Schedule Tribes nominated by the Registrar from time to time - Member.